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And that’s why books are never going to die. It’s impossible. It’s the only time we really go into the mind of a stranger, and we find our common humanity doing this. So the book doesn’t only belong to the writer, it belongs to the reader as well, and then together you make it what it is.
Paul Auster (via wordpainting)

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thedoctorsdoctor asked: Dear Mr. Gaiman, I've written my first novel and I've had no success finding a literary agent to represent me. It's always "liked, not loved" or "just not for me". I'm considering self publishing but for someone with nothing more than a part time job and not much in the way of savings, it's quite the investment. I guess what I'm asking is, in the long run, is being a writer worth it? i know you found success in the medium, but I'm terrified. Is the risk worth the reward?


I wouldn’t EVER self-publish in the sense of paying someone to print books. But self-publishing through Amazon or similar as an ebook is a cheap and easy thing to do, and will get it read.